Frequently Asked Questions

+ - Q: Can I trade with the Box Trading Technique without using the Box Trading Scanning software?

A: While it is possible to do so, it’s highly improbable that a trader would be in a position to analyse hundreds of stocks manually each day in a timely enough manner. The subscription to Darvas gives you access to all the information you need to make your trading decisions.

+ - Q: Is the Darvas Box Trading Scanner a share trading system?

A: No it’s not. It’s an analytical tool that helps traders identify WHAT stocks to buy and WHEN to buy and sell them.

+ - Q: What does the name Darvas mean?

A: Nicolas Darvas was a successful trader who pioneered the Box Trading Technique in the 1950’s.

+ - Q: Are the Box Trading technique and the Box Trading Scanner suitable for new investors?

A: Yes they are. Included with our “Getting Started” information will be a series of emails and videos to get you started as well as a Sample Trading Plan.

+ - Q:There are so many other theories, techniques and systems out there. Why is this one better than all the others?

A: The Box Trading technique is simple, logical and accessible to anyone who is willing to learn. Over the past decade, the creator of the Darvas Box Trading Scanner, Frank Watkins, has used this software to achieve excellent returns for the clients in his fund management business.