Who is Frank Watkins?

Frank Watkins grew up in rural Western Australia, transacting his first trade during the nickel boom of 1969, in a period that became known as “The Poseidon Boom.” This sparked an interest in trading that has never waned.

In 1986 he became a “Commodity Broker” trading metal, currency, softs and agricultural futures contracts on the Chicago, Winnipeg, London and New York exchanges.

In 1987 Frank became one of the first Australian residents to successfully complete the US CFTC Series 3 examination.

In 1998 Frank began the development of his own software and the Darvas programming followed in August 2002. He is an avid follower of technical analysis and sees the Darvas system as an outstanding analytical tool for identifying the best trading opportunities.

With his fund management business, he manages many client funds using the Darvas system.

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